Newsletter - August 25, 2016
Adelphian Jr. Academy
"Allowing Jesus Access"

We Are Glad You Are Here!
As of today thirty-five wonderful students have enrolled in kindergarten through tenth grades.  We thank the Lord for His goodness to us.  We are looking forward to a rewarding school year.  We appreciate the parents who have taken us into partnership in the extremely important work of educating their children for Eternity.
S.A. Fun Day!
The Student Association invites parents, siblings, and students to join them tomorrow for our beginning of school fun day.  The fun day will begin at 10:30 A.M and will conclude at 12:00 P.M.; our regular Friday dismissal time.  Acceptable attire is an AJA t-shirt or school polo, blue jeans (no skinny jeans), knee length shorts or capris. Thank you for your cooperation.
AJA Prayer Vespers Sabbath
Parents, students, church members, and friends please join us on Sabbath for our New School Year Prayer Vespers.  It will begin at 7:00 P.M. in the AJA multi-purpose room.  If there ever was a time when we need to come together for special prayer for our school and children, the time is now.  What a privilege we have to petition God for the well-being of our school and children.  Please join us.
Time to Order Sweatshirts & T-Shirts
Mrs. Oliver is taking orders for AJA hooded sweatshirts and School T-shirts.  The sweatshirts are available in hunter green, navy blue, or maroon.  Additionally, you may choose between the over-the-head or the front zipper styles.  T-shirts are available in navy, burgundy, hunter green, light pink, and light blue. The cost of the t-shirts will depend on a bulk order. Estimated cost is $10.00 - $12.00 each.  Please place your order by September 9.
 Please Help Us in the Parking Area
With the start of a new school year it is important to make it a habit to adhere to the parking lot traffic rules, for the sake of our students’ safety (especially the smaller, younger ones).  Therefore drivers, a parking lot review is in order!  Remember to please enter at the West driveway, and exit at the East driveway.  Parking lot traffic flow is always one-way:  West-to-East.  A momentary stop, to pick-up or drop-off students is appropriate.  But remember, the by-word is “momentary”, as other parents may be waiting to do the same.  If students must cross your path to leave your vehicle, have them cross the path in FRONT of your vehicle, so you can see they are safely to the sidewalk before proceeding.  (Getting in and out on the driver side is better, if possible.)  If you must park (other than this momentary stop for drop-off & pick -up), please do not block traffic flow.  Instead, park in a spot out of the flow.  When leaving a parking spot, rejoin the West-to-East flow.  Remember, "go with the flow" works in our parking lot!   Thanks for your consideration of others and cooperation with this vital safety procedure no matter how many students you see in the lot.  Remember, it's the ones you don't see that are at risk!

Inspirational Thought
 “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.” 
                                                             Isaiah 54:13

Missions – Friday Jean Day!
We will once again institute our Jean Day for Missions.  Each Friday the students are allowed to wear jeans and either their AJA t-shirt or polo shirt for a donation of $1.00. Our offerings this year will continue to go toward a new school sign.   All money’s are to be paid by Thursday mornings in order to wear blue jeans on Friday.  Jeans are to be in good condition with no tears or holes.  Skinny jeans are not allowed.  All money’s are to be turned into Mrs. Oliver in the office. 

After School Gymnastics – Sign Up!
AJA will be holding try-outs for our after school gymnastics starting Thursday September 8 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. This after school program is for grades 3 – 10.  There will be a three week try-out period.  After that a team will be selected.  The cost per month will be $20.00 per student.  There is no charge during try-outs. The team will be coached again this year by Mrs. Oliver.  If your student is interested they will need to sign up with Mrs. Oliver beforehand. 
Hot Lunch
Next week we will be serving bean burritos, rice, chips, salsa, and drink. Please remember all monies and order forms need to be turned into Mrs. Oliver by each Wednesday morning. 
Extra Ways You Can Support AJA
Shopping at the AJA Food Pantry
(Hours 3:15 - 4:00 P.M. Thursdays)
Collecting VG’s Receipts
Collecting Campbell Soup Labels
Collecting Box Tops for Education
Looking Ahead
S.A. Fun Day Aug 26
AJA Prayer Vespers Aug 27
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Aug 30
Labor Day (no school) Sept 5
Adventurer Family Camp Sept 9-11
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Sept 13
Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m. Sept 15
No School Due to Camporee Sept 16
Pathfinder Camporee Sept 15-18
Vision Screening – Grades 1,3,7,9 Sept 19
School Board Meeting Sept 19
Fall Week of Prayer Sept 19-23
Achievement Testing Sept 26-30
LIFT (7th & 8th Grade) Oct 2-5
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Oct 11
School Pictures Oct 14
End of First Quarter (45 days) Oct 21
School Board Meeting Oct 17
Red Ribbon Week Oct 17-21
Pathfinder/Adventurer Can Drive Oct 22-23
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Oct 25
Ring Fest (Bells of Harmony) Oct 26-28
No School – Fall In-service Oct 31
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (early dismissal 11:30) Nov 3
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Nov 8
Golden Leaves Banquet Nov 17
School Board Meeting Nov 21
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Nov 22
Thanksgiving Vacation – Early Dismissal 11:30 a.m. Nov 23-27
School Resumes Nov 28
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Dec 6
AJA Christmas Program Dec 9
School Board Meeting Dec 12
Semester Exams Dec 12-16
S.A. Christmas Banquet Dec 16
Second Quarter/First Semester End (34 days) Dec 16
Christmas Vacation Dec 19-Jan 1
School Resumes Jan 2
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Jan 3
AJA Prayer Vesper 4:30 p.m. Jan 7
Hearing Test – Grades K,2,4 Jan 9
Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences (early dismissal 11:30) Jan 12
Pathfinder Teen Snow Outing Jan 13-15
Martin Luther King Day (no school) Jan 16
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Jan 17
Aerokhanas @ Holly - Vespers Jan 20
Aerokhanas Performance Jan 21
AJA Board Meeting Jan 23
Spirit Week Jan 23-27
Father/Son @ Au Sable Jan 27-29
Pathfinder Meeting Jan 31
Student Week of Prayer Feb 6-10
All School Roller Skating Feb 9
AJA Visitation Day Feb 10
Adventurer Banquet Feb 12
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Feb 14
Presidents’ Day (no school) Feb 20
Teen Bible Camp (Grades 9 & 10) Feb 23-26
School Board Meeting Feb 27
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Feb 28
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Feb 14
Spring Break (early dismissal 11:30) Mar 16
End of Third Quarter (52 days) Mar 17
Spring Vacation Mar 20-26
School Resumes Mar 27
AJA Board Meeting Mar 27
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Mar 28
Career Day Apr 6
AJA Visits Grand Blanc Apr 8
Constituency Meeting Apr 9
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Apr 11
AJA Board Meeting Apr 17
Spring Week of Prayer Apr 17-21
GLAA Academy Days Apr 23-24
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting Apr 25
AJA Education Fair/ Gymnastic Home Show (early dismissal) Apr 27
Presidential Physical Fitness Day Apr 28
Adventurer Fun Day April 30
Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week May 1-5
Aeros Home Show Weekend May 5-6
Pathfinder/Adventurer Meeting May 9
All School Field Trip May 10
Spring Music Concert May 12
AJA Board Meeting May 15
Pathfinder Fair – Au Sable May 19-21
9 & 10 Class Trip May 22-24
Pathfinder Meeting May 23
All School Picnic May 25
Eight Grade Graduation/Tenth Grade Recognition Jun 1
Final Exams May 30-Jun 1
Awards Assembly (early dismissal) Jun 2
End of Second Semester/Fourth Quarter (48 days) Jun 2
Grades Mailed Home Jun 8
Camp Meeting Jun 9-17