Tuition Policy & Payment
AJA operates on a fixed rate charging plan.  When a family enrolls a student at AJA, they are buying an educational service.  The charge for this service is divided into ten monthly payments, due the 15th of each month, August through May.

Constituent/Non Constituent Member Tuition Rates
Parents who are members of the Grand Blanc or Holly Seventh-day Adventist churches receive a reduced rate, because these churches pay a substantial subsidy to support the operation of AJA.

Financial Information:  Tuition & Registration Fees
Monthly tuition for K through 8th grade is based on the number of students from the family attending AJA.

Student                     Constituent                                  Non-Constituent
1 student                  $327.00/month                              $472.00/month
2 students                $590.00/month                             $844.00/month
3 students                $860.00/month                             $1,195.00/month
4 students                $135.00/month
5 students                $110.00/month

Grades 9 & 10          $449.00/month                             $583.00/month

Annual Registration Fee (due at registration)
Grades                      Constituent                                    Non-Constituent
Primary-8                 $225.00/student                           $250.00/student
9 & 10                       $275.00/student                           $300.00/student